Specialists in leasing quality logging equipment

Less risk, less downtime with reliable gear

Welcome to Log Lease. We offer haulers, skidders, loaders, tail hold machines and other machinery for short-term or long-term lease. We understand the productivity demands placed on contractors - that's why we offer durable, well maintained, logging gear. 

Why Log Lease?

Reliable, quality equipment is key to hitting production and running a successful harvesting operation, but quality gear is expensive. 

Leasing logging gear is an alternative solution, that’s gaining more traction and reducing financial risk and stress for many contractors. Log Lease are specialists in leasing logging equipment that is of  high quality, and well maintained. We have a fleet of haulers, skidders, loaders and other mechanised gear.


See what our customers have to say

“We have been very happy with the hauler that we are leasing from Log Lease. It's the most up to date, well maintained and best pulling hauler I have used in my 25+ year harvesting career. They're a great team to work with"

Chris & Fiona, CMP Contracting Limited

​ “Without a doubt Log Lease has New Zealand’s best fleet of yarders on offer.”

Jonny Schick, Shaw’s Wire Ropes

“Keeping our students and tutors safe while training out on site is not negotiable. It's a given that we have certified, reliable gear and responsive technical support. That’s exactly what we get from Ross and his team. I would recommend Log Lease to anyone”

Henry Koia, Managing Director, ManaiaSAFE Forestry School